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 Design ventoy 1.0.94
(07-08-2024, 09:42 AM)AlexBryansk Wrote: At the moment, ventoy 1.0.99 has not been engaged in version for 2 reasons: 1- there is no free time, 2 - there is no special idea to add to the project.

But I will soon post the promised font editor on the forum - "editor_pf2".

Hello @AlexBryansk Please if you find the time, I have a great idea for ventoy. When we install and boot the Vento to a flash disk, the installed image files in the first part of our memory appear in the main menu. Now put the files I sent to you in the group folder in the vetoyefi (hd0,2) section and approve the change. If you test the flash memory, the first main menu will look like this. In the first place, the usb/hdd partitions and image files will appear in the main menu below. It might be a good idea to include it in your project. The filemanager that needs to be is the introduction of the address path of the usb/hdd partitions (0x%lx) in the cfg file.

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