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how to disable themes
(05-14-2020, 11:39 AM)arniworx Wrote: hi!
thanks for this great tool.
i've noticed that it runs a lot smoother, when i disable the theme (comment in grub.cfg)
is there an "official" way to disable theming?
a "ventoy.json" with the follwing content:
    "theme": {
        "file": ""
brings up the default that's not the right way ;-)

There is no such official way to do that in current release.  Indeed I have received some report about this problem.

In current release, when the boot menu was shown,  you can press c to enter a shell and run  terminal_output console  and  press ESC to return to a text menu.

Maybe in the future release, I will add a hotkey to switch between graphic menu and text menu.

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