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Multiple partitions to use the drive for other things
(08-12-2022, 01:52 AM)Steve2926 Wrote:

Just remember that Windows Format will not format a partition larger than 32GB, so you will have to use a 3rd party app Like EaseUS Home Partition Master.
Also the largest file you can put on a FAT32 partition is 4GB, so some large Windows Install ISOs and Linux ISOs wont fit.

Yeah, I read the documentation, and I know Ventoy can do it. Ventoy really isn't the problem here. The problem is, I don't know what the general rule is, when it comes to partitions. What happens if my USB drive has 2 partitions on it, and I plug it into a device like my lawnmower? Which partition does it read? What about my 3D printer? This forum might not be the best to ask, but I'm sure someone else has thought about it before.

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RE: Multiple partitions to use the drive for other things - by mortenmoulder - 08-12-2022, 11:03 AM

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