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MX-Linux Persistance Only AFTER Boot ?
agnivo007 -
You are correct, sir!
And it's nice to be here:
I've been so focused on this situation, that I neglected to praise everyone --
Ventoy is fantastic, as is MX-Linux.
I'm an old, retired main-frame systems programmer, who transitioned to pcs as
their prominence rose. Now I just fiddle around for fun, and help friends & family
with their pcs. I of course have differnet bootable utilities, which is where Ventoy
comes in, naturally.
And since linux is the backbone/workhorse of the the internet, I dabble!
Thanks for the welcome.

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RE: MX-Linux Persistance Only AFTER Boot ? - by PaulJayD - 06-11-2021, 02:03 AM

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