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MX-Linux Persistance Only AFTER Boot ?
My "customized" MX is basically a system that has been running for awhile. I've added applications, tuned features, etc., etc. It's just an "aged" ISO.
However, from fehlix's comments, it appears that the boot process is different with/without the persistence file.
Boot with none, and I get my "aged" ISO.
Boot with persistence (but empty!) I get a different setup: A basic linux kernel, but none of my additions/
So, is there any way to either 1) add the persistence after booting, or 2) inform the boot process to ignore the
persistence file until after boot completes?
These are the 2 things I can think of, so far....

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RE: MX-Linux Persistance Only AFTER Boot ? - by PaulJayD - 06-08-2021, 08:41 PM

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