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Boot hidden internal SDD
I went ahead and installed Mint anyway to '/dev/sdb1'. Everything went according to the script and it finished successfully as much as I'm able to tell; only, when asked where to place the bootloader I got puzzled and in a hurry decided to place it in '/dev/sdb' -- which means the disk and not the partition to me...

Then I rebooted and as expected, I couldn't boot the new system.

Next, I looked around the net and tried to follow something found at StackExchange (  After exiting Ventoy to the shell by pressing "c", I was able to find the grub folder at '(hd1,msdos1)/boot/grub' and then typed the remaining commands; there was a quick flash after entering the last normal and the screen just went blank. Dead end, it seems.

I'll just keep looking...
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