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Ventoy ISO - An idea for LongPanda
AGreed via current observation. But, still we MUST continue to assist with ideas to guide to a better product which is both stable and easy to use no matter which method is used to create the ventoy USB device.

One IMPORTANT point to share with @LongPanda is his ISO should/must at some point have the Gparted GUI present. ALL Linux distros DO NOT SUPPORT ExFat filesystem as some also only system it partially. THIS is an oversight that @LongPanda may not be aware. The ability for the user to set/reset the filesystem of Partition #1 on the Ventoy USB device is a very IMPORTANT step in the final construction of the Ventoy device! The ISO with something consistent and GParted for configuring the USB device addresses what most users needs to insure it closely matching the varied BIOS/UEFI there are in the PC hardware world.

Thus it is important that he/they give some consideration of what direction is best for Ventoy and ALL the types of users he is attempting to make this product useful to.

Hope he sees and understands what we share.
Smile Happy to learn how to ...

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