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search iso or other files on all disk partitions
dear longpanda , we're very grateful for your polite answer and for taking the time to respond to our sos however.... we'd like to kindly ask when we're at least getting an ETA for changes in ventoy application will then allow US to move " .iso files " [ distro iso images ] to a SSD drive ? in addition , as a alternative, we may want to move that persistence file at least and placing " .DAT file " to a SSD drive folder thus speeding up a little with performance
take care,


(11-29-2021, 06:15 PM)wrwolf2 Wrote: hi and thanks' a lot for activating the account. we 're experimenting with ventoy and its features [ plugins ] with particular reference to persistence plugin though the system [ linux live distro ] also becomes quite unstable [ lagging almost everywhere ] . we wonder if there is a way to place .iso image on a separate SSD drive rather than keeping it on the usb flash disk drive. we searched for plugins and found one for changing " default search root " [ Global Control Plugin ] , we also found mentions of " VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT " option to allow Ventoy searching the specified directory and its sub-directories only. is there a way to set a path search and to also look up on different disks in the platform ?thanks a lot for taking the time to reply, marc 
longpanda ' Wrote: As I known, before Windows 10, the Windows system can only mount the 1st partition of the USB drive. Parttition2/3/4 is invisible to the users.
Besides, Windows XP should recognize NTFS and exfat(with a patch).

Ventoy was designed only to scan 1st partition and can't be improved for this point.

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