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search iso or other files on all disk partitions
(11-29-2021, 06:15 PM)wrwolf2 Wrote: hi and thanks' a lot for activating the account. we 're experimenting with ventoy and its features [ plugins ] with particular reference to persistence plugin though the system [ linux live distro ] also becomes quite unstable [ lagging almost everywhere ] . we wonder if there is a way to place .iso image on a separate SSD drive rather than keeping it on the usb flash disk drive. we searched for plugins and found one for changing " default search root " [ Global Control Plugin ] , we also found mentions of " VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT " option to allow Ventoy searching the specified directory and its sub-directories only. is there a way to set a path search and to also look up on different disks in the platform ?thanks a lot for taking the time to reply, marc 

Quote:As I known, before Windows 10, the Windows system can only mount the 1st partition of the USB drive. Parttition2/3/4 is invisible to the users.
Besides, Windows XP should recognize NTFS and exfat(with a patch).

Ventoy was designed only to scan 1st partition and can't be improved for this point.



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