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[Feature request] Allow ventoy.json file to be anywhere
(06-20-2020, 01:50 AM)pvieira Wrote: Hi

First of all, thank you for this awesome tool. I've been looking for something like this for ages. (I've been a long time user of the Zalman 2.5" case that allowed something similar to Ventoy, but in hardware.)

Now my feature request:

The ability to put the ISO files anywhere in the USB drive is a great usabiilty feature. I would like it to be possible for the ventoy.json file to have this feature too, so I could put it along with my ISO files in my ISO folder and keep the rest of the drive clean. Since the ventoy folder's existence seems to be there just to hold the ventoy.json file, why not allow that particular file to reside anywhere in the drive instead of a rigid placement inside a ventoy folder at the root folder of the drive? If the ventoy folder is expected to hold more things in the future, just allow the folder to be placed anywhere instead of just the root folder.

Congratulations for what you have achieved already and keep the good work!


There are many configurations in ventoy.json, for example, you can specify which directory to search for the iso files (by default all the directories are searched).
So it must be read before we search the ISO files. 
And if we don't fix its path, we must search for it, just like we search for the iso files.  It's a waste a time.

Just consider this case:

I have two directories A and B in the USB root, and ventoy.json is in B.
There are 1000000 files in A, then it will take a very long time for ventoy to find ventoy.json.
And in fact in ventoy.json I have specified that only search ISO files in B.

So ventoy.json must have a fixed path, under ventoy directory or in the root directory, anyway.

Besides, ventoy directory was designed to hold all the plugin related files, like ventoy_wimboot.img/persistence.img/autoinstall scripts/...


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