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Friendly Suggestions...
Here are few things below which I thought to share:

1.Dont make/call optional menu for Power [power.cfg], it makes the performance bit slower. Instead
in VTOYEFI\GRUB\grub.cfg file:

[Image reference : 01.png]
1. Remove :
function ventoy_power {
    configfile ($root)/grub/power.cfg

2. Replace/Add
set VTOY_F2_CMD="reboot"
set VTOY_F6_CMD="halt"

    set VTOY_HOTKEY_TIP="F1:Memdisk F2:Reboot F3:TreeView F4:Localboot F5: Debug F6:Halt"
    set VTOY_HOTKEY_TIP="F1:Memdisk F2:Reboot F3:ListView F4:Localboot F5: Debug F6:Halt"

3. Instead displaying [Memdisk] seperately, is it possible just to highlight F1:Memdisk when activated?

[Image reference : 02.png]
4. Please give/implement an option for user defined Partition size instead of VENTOY choosing the entire HDD for ExFAT. If user could choose the size then rest of the space could have been utilized for some other purpose. I tried formatting the ExFAT partition in NTFS Format and then SHRINK the Partition, but later I created extra Partition/Drive, VENTOY Stopped booting. I did not get any success with Multiple Partitions/Drives. Please look into this matter and explain if we could work on Multiple Partitions with VENTOY and how to?

[Image reference : 03.png]
5. My ventoy.json example :

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