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Lite Windows 10 iso incompatible
I used to create lite versions of Win 10 on monthly basis and upload them here. Unfortunately my isos can't be installed with Ventoy. What can be the reason for that?
WinNTSetup_v4631 ok
Is your iso burning to dvd, can you boot directly from dvd?
What is the problem? A photo about the problem please.
here are the screenshots of ivankehayov's windows.iso structure and the error in normal boot mode and wimboot mode
i know ventoy is excellent at booting windows iso and winpe iso, but i also tried booting vankehayov's windows.iso with aioboot and grubfm, the result is aioboot restarts by itself and grubfm stops at start.bat window, closed windows this is also restart

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ivankehayov, you don't mean to ask others for help
your iso file is corrupted, i booted directly from dvdrom still failed
try from also try to change the usb port right of or left or direct usb port attach to motherbord

try this one of them should work

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