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【Solved】 alias name
Do anyone success with alias name plugin, what is UTF8 encoding is needed?

where should I put this UTF8??

thank you
UTF-8 is the file encoding used by ventoy.json.
If you only use ascii characters, it doesn't matter.
If you use non ascii characters, like Chinese, Japanese, then you must set ventoy.json in UTF8 encoding format.
thank you for replay.

how do I set the utf8 encoding? I still don't understand.

Using notepad++, you can check the encoding here :

[Image: otqTAG5.png]

if it is not in UTF-8 you can convert the file to UTF-8 using the same menu.
I already checked with notepad++ as suggestion and still not working
What do you mean about not working?
You make a ventoy.json and it doesn't take affect?

When in Ventoy's boot menu, you can use F5 debug menu to check the json file.
Yes, I made the ventoy.json and it did not take effect.

by the way, here I enclose my ventoy.json and the display of my  ventoy.

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maybe your json file is not correct..

you can check here if it's correct.
The image path is casesensitive, please check,

"/iso/xxxx.iso"  or  "/ISO/xxx.iso"
I did it, thanks for the help.

This is the best bootable program I ever use.

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