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keyword "persistence" contained in the file ventoy.json - geole - 06-13-2020


this is a message for developers

Currently if the ventoy.json file does not exist.
or if the keyword "persistence" is not found in the ventoy.json file
or if what is written inside the keyword "persistence" has bad syntax
The application decides that there will be no persistence
it's a very bad choice.

It should decide that there is persistence and propose the second screen with the first line allowing to choose not to have persistence and the following lines should list all the files present in the persistence directory.
Indeed it seems to me that the number of files present will never be very large.

In summary: Imposing this codification on users for only a few files is a very bad idea.
If one day the user wants to filter the list, he will make the effort to correctly code the "persistence" chapter in the ventoy.json file.

FYI: I am a member of a French forum offering ventoy

Thanks for reading me