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Windows 10 ISO's - KBunn - 06-10-2020

For some reason Ventoy isn't recognizing the W10 iso's on my drive.  But recognizes all the other ISO's

Is that an issue with there being spaces in the names of the iso's?

That seems like something for a FAQ if so.  I just realized that there were spaces as I was going to type this question, so I haven't had a chance to test my new theory.

RE: Windows 10 ISO's - Atari800XL - 06-10-2020

FAQ #2

RE: Windows 10 ISO's - KBunn - 06-14-2020

(06-10-2020, 07:15 PM)Atari800XL Wrote: FAQ #2

Well that's a hard fail on my part, for sure.  Smile