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Sort ISOs - Titors - 08-09-2020

Is there anyway to sort ISO's in a non-alphabetical order?
And if there isn't, is it possible to add a plugin that would let you assign an index number to every entry to customize the way it's sorted?

RE: Sort ISOs - DarkHeartZee - 08-09-2020

You can use serial number like 1. 2. in the iso file naming. Though a bit time taking, but it'll sort the iso in the way you want it to. Ventoy follows alphabetical order so iso don't mix-up or other issues occur in recognizing it. Another way is using directories in using a global switch to lessen the time for loading all isos in a directory. such as - "VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT": "/ISO" in the global switch. you can change the directory name as you wish. Just change the /ISO to the way you changed your directory name into and you're good to go.