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Ventoy Legacy mode? - IceCreamMan1776 - 07-12-2020

Hello, I created a NTFS USB Drive with the partition style as mbr and UEFI without secure boot. I am trying to boot an older laptop that only has Legacy boot. My USB boots to the ventoy splash screen. If I try to boot ANY iso/wim file. It goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor at the top left corner. It's almost like it does not support legacy boot. The computer had windows vista and I upgraded to Windows 7. I tested it on my laptop tjhat I am using now. It does work with legacy mode. Could someone please help me out?


RE: Ventoy Legacy mode? - longpanda - 07-12-2020

Hi, please make sure that your laptop support USB-HDD mode.
Or you can create a bootable USB by other tool (e.g. RUFUS) and test.

RE: Ventoy Legacy mode? - dadaltoinfo - 07-18-2020

The same problem here. Works with Sergei, boot windows 7, Hirens. UEFI works perfectly, legacy does not. I'm using the version 1.0.15.

RE: Ventoy Legacy mode? - aaronpriest - 07-20-2020

I too have had a lot of issues getting many .iso's to boot in legacy mode on my laptop, where they test fine in VMWare on a virtual machine. EFI is fine. I figured it was maybe a buggy BIOS on my laptop for MBR booting, but I don't have the same issues with the same .iso's using my homemade method or AIO or Rufus. A memory error seems to be what I see the most often, even though I have 64GB RAM: "There isn't enough memory available to create a ramdisk device."