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Suggestion for menu_alias - swiley43 - 06-29-2020


Excellent piece of software and very good job

I'd like some enhancement for menu_class : the ability to add a field comment displayed during the selection of the item.
May be another thing : possibility to have an alias for directory

Thanks a lot

RE: Suggestion for menu_alias - longpanda - 06-30-2020

1. It is very difficult to implement in grub2's menu enviroment and I think it is not a very big problem.
2. It can be implement but I doubt its necessity

RE: Suggestion for menu_alias - longpanda - 07-01-2020

Menu alias for directory has been done and wil be avaliable in the next release.

RE: Suggestion for menu_alias - swiley43 - 07-03-2020

Thanks for the 2d item

A comment could be suitable for krd.iso to remenber to set check_signatures=no