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iVentoy ExternalNet doesn't work - brunok - 07-10-2024


Trying to setup iVentoy to PXE boot iso files, but, can't get work.  Sad

I need to use ExternalNet mode, due to multiple vlans.


iVentoy 1.0.20 running on  Ubuntu Server. 
iVentoy 1.0.19 running on  Ubuntu Server.

iVentoy 1.0.20 running on  Windows Server.
iVentoy 1.0.19 running on  Windows Server.

External DHCP OK, redirecting to PXE, but, can't find bootfile:

NBP filename is iventoy_loader_16000_uefi
NBP filesize is 0 Bytes
PXE-E99: Unexpected network error.


Filename: iventoy_loader_16000
tftp://x.x.x.x/iventoy_loader_16000.................. Connection timed out

Tried iventoy_loader_16000_uefi  and  iventoy_loader_16000  as filename, but, same results.

SecureBoot DISABLED!

Network OK, can ping from host to PXE server and DHCP server.

Firewall disabled!