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ventoy grub commands - balanga - 02-11-2024

When at the grub> prompt  in Ventoy and I type help, a whole list of commands wizz by and I have no idea what they are.

Is there a command reference anywhere?

RE: ventoy grub commands - - 02-11-2024

answer from gemini pro
. Specific commands available in the GRUB bootloader:

When a computer boots up, GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader) is a software program that loads the operating system you choose. If you access the GRUB menu, you can then use specific commands to interact with it and choose which operating system to boot. These commands are listed in the official GRUB manual:

Some common examples of GRUB commands include:

set: Set a variable with a value.
linux: Specify the kernel to boot.
initrd: Specify the initial RAM disk image to load with the kernel.
normal: Boot the default operating system.
reboot: Restart the computer.

RE: ventoy grub commands - balanga - 02-11-2024

Ventoy appears to have its own version of grub in that when you run

grub> help

a lot of commands wizz passed many of them starting with vt-***

I don't see any documentation.

Give it a try.

RE: ventoy grub commands - Steve2926 - 02-12-2024

after pressing c , type

set pager=1

now type help vt_ to see all vt_ commands

you can use ENTER or ESC to scroll down by line or page now

RE: ventoy grub commands - balanga - 02-12-2024

Where to press 'c'?

Pressing 'c' at grub> prompt:-

error: can't find command 'c'.

RE: ventoy grub commands - Steve2926 - 02-12-2024

Press c in Ventoy menu system of course