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Help VentoyPlugson - gfxmode - AlexBryansk - 03-10-2023

According to the official documentation, the gfxmode variable in grub2 can:
"The resolution may be specified as a sequence of one or more modes, separated by commas (‘,’) or semicolons (‘;’); each will be tried in turn until one is found. Each mode should be either ‘auto’, ‘widthxheight’, or ‘widthxheightxdepth’."
In ventory, this works fine if in the file ventoy.json manually write, for example:

"gfxmode": " 2560x1440;1920x1080x32;1680x1050;1920x1440x32"
But "VentoyPlugson" allows us to set only one permission from the list. Mr. longpanda, can you add the "clear" item to this list, and when you select the permission, add them via ‘;’ ?

RE: Help VentoyPlugson - gfxmode - AlexBryansk - 05-10-2023

Did so [attachment=716]