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Booting Linux from local disk - Foricon - 03-06-2023

I created a .vhd with Virtualbox (200GB fixed size), installed linux mint on it and vtoyboot, and now I want to boot it from local file. I set up a 16GB USB drive with Ventoy and put the .vlnk.vhd in there but when I boot into Ventoy it gives me a "no iso file found" error. I also tried F2 and browsing to the .vhd file but it doesnt come up.
I also tried booting the linux mint iso file following the same procedure, and it worked, so I guess there must be something wrong with the .vhd file?
Does anyone have a clue on how I can get it working?

RE: Booting Linux from local disk - longpanda - 03-06-2023

For linux VHD you can not name it xxx.vhd, you must name it xxxx.vtoy.
see the document here:

xxx.vhd will be treated as Windows vhd file.