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Easy OS 4 - measter - 06-10-2022

Ventoy 1.0.75 + Easy OS 4.0

The first screen goes by too fast; the second screen is about mkmod -m mode
Finding drivers
can't read 'etc/fstab': No such file or directory
Error: BOOT_FS=' ' Boot filesystem is incorrect.

That Easy does boot successfully on a conventional live USB made w/ Rufus or other.

The same Ventoy does boot successfully such as a recent Puppy Linux on Slackware base + OpenBox & LXDE components LxPupSc64 22.02.

I also have posted a question about this in the EasyOS section of the Puppy forum, but no answer there so far.

RE: Easy OS 4 - longpanda - 06-11-2022

Try this CI release:

RE: Easy OS 4 - longpanda - 06-12-2022

Try the latest 1.0.76

RE: Easy OS 4 - measter - 06-13-2022

Ventoy 1.0.76 works w/ Easy 4.0 if the .img file is first tweaked:

# truncate -s 2G easy-4.0-amd64.img

... otherwise 'native' Easy 4.0 doesn't work for me.

I also reported my problem in the Easy OS section of Puppy linux where BarryK fixed the problem w/ Easy 3.4.7 w/ the above tweak.

RE: Easy OS 4 - longpanda - 06-14-2022

You need to expand the img file before boot it. Because by default there is only little free space in the IMG file for EasyOS to resize its partition 2.