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Ventoy does not install - bbrun - 05-04-2022

Hello everyone, I specify that I do not know English and I wrote in Italian and then use an automatic translator, so if you find written things not understandable have patience and ask for clarification.

I have a problem with the installation of Ventoy on Windows 10 Enterprise.

I had a version just above 1.0.50, since it had recently I clicked on the "Update" button, the result was that ventoy stopped working.

I picked up Ventoy 1.0.72 and installed it from scratch, which doesn't even install.
I thought that, as sometimes happens, some software versions come out that have problems and I waited for the next version, but this one doesn't install either.

I found an old version, 1.0.18, in my pc, I try to install it and.... IT INSTALLS, too bad it doesn't work, I send Ventoy to hell.

After a while I see that 1.0.74 has been released and I try with this, failure confirmed.

I start to investigate, and in the log file I find an "Error 5" message.
I search on the net and I find some things that, for me that I am less than a software expert, are not very understandable.
In an answer, however, I find a feasible thing "first of all try to disable the antivirus" (I use the Windows one), I try it and Ventoy installs!

Could someone please explain to me why Ventoy used to install and now it doesn't anymore, unless I disable the antivirus?

Thank you.

RE: Ventoy does not install - Steve2926 - 05-10-2022

You have installed or updated your antivirus software.
For instance Acronis AV will block some sector writes to USB drives.

RE: Ventoy does not install - bbrun - 05-22-2022

Hi Steve, sorry I'm late.
If by antivirus you mean AV other than Windows no, because I use that.
If it is meant in a general sense the Windows AV does its updates regularly.

RE: Ventoy does not install - Steve2926 - 05-23-2022

So you are sure no AV like Acronis Cloud Protect or other Service is visible in Task Manager?
Did you check your USB drive?
e.g. FakeFlashTest.exe

RE: Ventoy does not install - bbrun - 05-24-2022

Hi Steve.
No, there is no Acronis or antivirus on my pc other than the internal Windows one.

I tried to install Ventoy on 5 different usb drives and it wouldn't install except by disabling the antivirus present, and they're not fakes.

One clarification, although I don't think it affects it since it was present before, my OS is Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019.