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USB stick is simply not recognized! - superpit - 11-08-2021

I have an X470 GAMING PRO CARBON from MSI. SecureBoot is on and everything ia set to UEFI. Win10 boots from the hard drive flawlessly. Also an Acronsi True Image rescue CD boots without problems.

But a USB stick, whether set with Ventoy or also with Rufus, is simply not recognized.

Boot order is

1) UEFI USB stick
2) UEFI CD-Rom
3) UEFI hard disk

Have also tried Ventoy the Secure Boot top left from the menu when setting with does not work.

The computer always just boots Windows from the 3rd boot option. Even if I press F11 or F12 when booting, there is only Windows in the boot menu - no stick is offered.

What can I do?



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RE: USB stick is simply not recognized! - Steve2926 - 11-08-2021

Choose options for Secure Boot and GPT when making the Ventoy drive.