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64-bit version - RenierX - 11-02-2021

Hi, I sometimes use Ventoy (Windows installer) in a Windows PE environment. It works smoothly, but only in the 32-bit version. Is there a chance that there will be a 64-bit version of Ventoy in the future?

RE: 64-bit version - Steve2926 - 11-02-2021

What system (PC) are you testing on? Make/Model?
Does Ventoy show 'UEFI' or 'BIOS' at the bottom of the screen?
Ventoy does support 64-but but your system BIOS may not!

RE: 64-bit version - longpanda - 11-02-2021

He means that Ventoy2Disk.exe for pure 64bit version.

Yes. Now Ventoy2Disk.exe is a 32 bit exe application and can be run in both 32bit Windows and 64bit windows OS. But can not be run in pure 64bit PE environment.
In the future release there will be both Ventoy2Disk32.exe and Ventoy2Disk64.exe

RE: 64-bit version - RenierX - 11-03-2021

Thanks a lot!