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[SOLVED] Ventoy UPdate - VentoyMic - 09-14-2021

On an USB-Stick with ventoy 1.0.27, I have a bunch of systems, partially with persistence, that I do want to keep.
I'd appreciate your guidance how to update from a LINUX-based system; after reading several posts here I'm more confused as before. I was thinking about

sudo CMD -u /dev/sdX
  • what to download .tar.gz or ISO?
  • where to store that package?
  • what else is important?
Thank you!

RE: Ventoy UPdate - longpanda - 09-14-2021

Download .tar.gz from
put the .tar.gz to anywhere (e.g. the Desktop) and decompress it.
and run cmd in terminal
sudo sh -u /dev/sdX

The latest 1.0.52 contains linux GUI interface, you can use it.

RE: Ventoy UPdate - VentoyMic - 09-14-2021

Thank you @longpanda, worked perfect!