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Ventoy-1.0.50 release - longpanda - 08-15-2021

  • 2021/08/14 --- 1.0.50 release
  1. Support synoboot.img v1.02b

  2. Fix the boot issue for some Win7PE
  3. Fix the boot issue for Windows in UEFI mode on some Dell server
  4. Fix the boot issue for Untangle distro
  5. Fix the boot issue when install some Lite Windows version with special file name.
  6. Fix "Failed to open random seed file" error message for arch linux in some UEFI machine.
  7. Fix the check media issue for SUSE/openSUSE.
  8. Add F5-->Tools-->Ventoy UEFI Utilities-->Show EFI Drivers menu
  9.  vtoyboot-1.0.18 release Notes
  10. languages.ini update

RE: Ventoy-1.0.50 release - nguyen ha thai trong - 08-15-2021

when the setup.exe file is not in the root directory but in the source directory, WIMBOOT Mode has a fatal error message not found bootmgr.exe