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boot slow on old bios board - att2 - 08-09-2021

I wonder if this is a proper request.... but......

I have a very old but otherwise good motherboard, a MSI Neo-3 FR Rev.1 for the old Intel Q6600 CPU.
This board has a slight BIOS problem: It is booting from USB but some WinPE-USB-Sticks are booting terribly slow.
Examples that are booting slow are "Hirens Boot CD", latest and older "Sergej Strelec" DVDs, etc. - usually WinPE-stuff.

It seems that the BIOS is always switching to USB 1.1 and therefore booting the Strelec DVD takes 26 minutes.

ISOS that are booting fast (in normal USB 2.0 speed) are usually Linux isos, like, "porteus" (

But, I found a solution : First I am booting "plop boot manager" ( from one USB stick, then the plop boot manager is booting from USB from a second usb stick using his own code, and much faster. 

I wonder if Ventoy could have an option like "always use USB 2 speed" and its own EHCI/UHCI boot stack so the ISOS would boot faster on my old machine.

Thanks for your help.

RE: boot slow on old bios board - Axonis - 07-26-2023

I have the same experience. USB booting, including Ventoy, is very slow on a similar old system (Gigabyte 965p) unless I boot to the USB from Plop.

Perhaps the author of Ventoy could include the option to load whatever driver Plop loads first.

RE: boot slow on old bios board - nguyen ha thai trong - 08-22-2023

Have you tried wimboot mode? Or did you try pressing i or ctrl+i before pressing enter