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Boot Failure - cybersm - 04-13-2021

Hi guys . I need some help. I created my flash drive and when I boot and select to do it by they flash drive with ventoy the pc goes directly to my bios without showing the isos options to boot. When I boot it thinks a little , doesn't show any error and goes to the bios.
It is something with secure boot. If i disable it it boots normally.

I have selected on ventoy's menu Option- secure boot support but it seems  not working.

Any ideia to overpass this problem?

I have a x570 Motherboard.

RE: Boot Failure - longpanda - 04-14-2021

If so, you need to disable the secure boot option in your BIOS.
Ventoy use for UEFI secure boot.
But it has some compatibility problem with some motherboard.