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Forum Spam attacks - Midas - 02-14-2021

Spam rate is increasing -- and with it the SEO benefits spammers collect by this evil -- and the problem is bound to get worse if nothing is done, until the forum collapses under their weight.

I saw it happening many times in other places; this reflects badly on Ventoy as users come to the forums to find specific help.

An easy measure that has worked well elsewhere, is preventing automatic first posts -- i.e., after registration, all users first post has to be approved by the team before it goes public.

Also, users posting spam should be immediately banned.

Other anti-spam measures can be adopted, scores of examples around the web. (E.g., see

Thanks for considering. Have a nice day.

RE: Forum Spam attacks - dickw - 02-14-2021

I completely agree with @Midas!

RE: Forum Spam attacks - TRS-80 - 02-19-2021

We have this problem at Armbian forums, too.

They can be very sneaky, and will come back days or weeks later and edit the post to insert the spam. So we have also limited the edit window, until the user becomes more well known (reputation, other criteria).

RE: Forum Spam attacks - Midas - 02-20-2021

Great idea and thanks for contributing, TRS-80. Cool