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EASTER EGG found have a few questions.... - Premiere - 01-26-2021

FORGET everything, I was thinking it was harder to change than it was. It's a really simple yet using the guid as part of it cleverly confusing.

Value ? Value : "",plate, guidstr, #the primary line

If I go to big with the array size ( added about 7 bytes  is that  whats braking the booting of the ISOs? OR Compile-assert was complaining  so I altered that I will put that back to a -1 ,

I know I figured out how to change the data in the guid yet adding a few characters has crashed the program.  Confused  Smile
I figuring it out. This is a really fun puzzle I Made it harder, it was simple.
Its all about being able to remove the and other texted. Or changing it. Nice Puzzle!
Its not hard to find lol.

I was trying to change the GUID because that contains the web link , why didn't I realize that was going to cause trouble, thats limited to 16 bytes.

THANKS  Big Grin