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Hiren's boot CD - pacific_jan - 05-06-2020

I am very impressed with Ventoy, but reporting back that Hiren's boot CD will not load.

System is a Xeon server with a L5630 quad core.

Ventoy version is: ventoy-1.0.09b1

Is there a minimum USB speed needed? Successfully boots Ultimate Boot CD and System rescue CD isos.

With Hiren's, I could see the windows logo, but it reboots before it is fully loaded. Is there a timeout?


RE: Hiren's boot CD - longpanda - 05-07-2020

Legacy BIOS mode or UEFI mode?
Try memdisk mode?

RE: Hiren's boot CD - FOW0RYL - 05-13-2020

Same problem here with "1.0.9 BIOS" on a HP8570p Notebook....
The system boots until the windows logo appears. After a while I'm back in the boot menu.
When using memdisk mode the system crashes and reboots.

When using a "ASROCK J4105M" I got the message "1.0.9 UEFI" in ventoy.
After selecting  HBCD the system shows the ASROCK logo for about 1 minute. Then suddenly the circling dots appear.
Just a few seconds later the HBCD Desktop is up.

RE: Hiren's boot CD - FOW0RYL - 05-16-2020

HBCD works with ventoy 1.0.10 on my HP 8560 now.

Thank you.