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[solved] Submenu in Rootmenu - Rubberduck - 10-22-2020

Hello everyone!

As many have already told before thanks for the great work!
This piece of software replaces many CDs and USB sticks.

I think I should have read all the documentation by now and except for the persistence feature I could use everything, but how the heck do I get submenus into the main menu?
I have about 60 entries there, you have to scroll forever, I would like to have it more clearly arranged, and I dont want to hit F6 to do it all in my own ventoy_grub.cfg.

Is there another trick?

thanks for your help and keep on the good work Smile

RE: Submenu in Rootmenu - longpanda - 10-23-2020

You can put you image files in different directories and sub-directories and press F3 to enter TreeView mode.
Also you can set TreeView mode as the default mode by Global Control Plugin.

RE: Submenu in Rootmenu - Rubberduck - 10-23-2020

Thank you. Thats working very well.