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[SOLVED] Set "default" image? - Gooberpatrol66 - 10-16-2020

Is there a way to set one of the images as the default, so it will be booted automatically, if no other choices are selected?

RE: Set "default" image? - Midas - 10-16-2020

The following is in the "Global Control Plugin" documentation...

Quote:Menu timeout (seconds). By default no timeout is set. When you set it to 10 for example, the first ISO will be selected an[d] booted after 10 seconds.


RE: Set "default" image? - longpanda - 10-16-2020

Yes, set VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE  as descripted in

RE: Set "default" image? - Gooberpatrol66 - 10-18-2020

That worked, thanks.