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Boot partition format - geole - 06-16-2020

note for developers

You have decided to choose the fat16 format instead of the FAT32 format.   I don't know why. I see that:

This allows a gain of 4MB.  So not important!

This does not allow windows to read the content.    If that was the goal, it is discussed. Personally I think it's a shame.  See my screenshot.

Some EFI computers don't know how to boot with a FAT16 partition ((Dell Latitude E4310) . It is necessary to destroy everything and to refabricate by duplication. This is not at all fun! 

So I ask you to suggest the FAT32 format to store the software as the way that suits you.[attachment=58]

RE: Boot partition format - longpanda - 06-16-2020

It doesn't matter fat12/16/32 for ventoy. 

So I will force it to FAT32 in the next release.