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Full Version: Partial success: UBCD
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I've been testing Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) with Ventoy, and achieved what I would call partial success.  I had to use legacy boot, but then was able to boot any of the options I tried, including FreeDOS and Parted Magic.  In the case of FreeDOS, it doesn't see either of the M.2 SSDs - not exactly surprising.  It's more disappointing that loading the provided "USB Mass Storage" driver doesn't detect another FAT32 thumb drive that was plugged in.  This makes it harder to do anything useful with FreeDOS.  Parted Magic had a similar result.  While it can detect the additional thumb drive, it was also unable to see the M.2 SSDs.  Since Parted Magic's remit is cloning, repairing, and editing your disks, it's a bit of a problem not to have one's disks available.   Wink 

On the other hand, I couldn't get pure Parted Magic to boot at all, despite its presence on the "Tested" list.  It seemed to lock up or dump me to a shell at different stages of the boot process.  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

System: Ryzen 7 3700X on a ASUS X570 board.