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Full Version: [Bug] Lag in Bios Interface
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I have problems with the boot interface in bios mode, as can be seen in the video, each movement to select an ISO is shown with lag, it seems that with each key press the interface restarts; this does not happen in UEFI mode, where, as seen in the video, the movements are fast and fluid.
Is my case isolated ?. Is there any plugin or change in the line of code that works for me to improve this issue?
I have only changed the interface with ventoy.json because by default it did not show me the selection (the shading), but the lag problem persisted with or without interface change.
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I have seen this issue with many grub2 themes. It only happens on certain systems\BIOSes.
Only cure I have found is to not use a theme.

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As already said, try to set "display_mode" to "CLI" in ventoy.json