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Full Version: Linux script - Bug?
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Ventoy Linux script help shows "-I" & "-i" for creating the bootable Ventoy disk.

The understand I get from the help and other documentation is that 1 will ask user confirmation, while the other will not. But, in both cases, -i and in -I, the scripts asks confirmation. Namely
You will install Ventoy to /dev/sdb.
All the data on the disk /dev/sdb will be lost!!!

Continue? (y/n)y

All the data on the disk /dev/sdb will be lost!!!
Double-check. Continue? (y/n)y
The script does create a bootable Ventoy, so either one of the options is a bug or one of them should be removed.

Hope this helps
You will see the difference if the /dev/sdb already contains Ventoy in it.
OK, I see that one is to be used when Ventoy is present and the other when it is NOT present? Is that correct?

If so, 1 of 2 things might be appropriate:
  • A change in the help file and documentation to reflect when one vs the other
  • Combine them such that if becomes a install/update question using only one of the options
I say this merely to add some clearer meaning to those options

P.S. I do realize that this is NOT high priority. It is merely a documentation need for clearness.