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Full Version: A discovery of how to boot PUPPY distros
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Ventoy, as marvelous as it is, has some shortcomings that its developers are addressing.

This is a work-around that I discovered that may be useful as Ventoy matures.

SuperGrub2 (SG2D) is a boot-manager in the form of a distro which does similar booting of ISOS. It is found on Distrowatch as well as is present on GIT where its developer is responsive to requests. Click the image that follows.

It has a GRUB2 loopback.cfg requirement of ALL the ISOs it supports, One of them is Ubuntu. Others are scattered in the LInux landscape. This year, all 2020 PUPs that are generated from the Puppy Linux WOOFCE distro builder has been generating PUPs that are compliant with booting their ISOs via SG2D, as well.

So, I've discovered a fascinating ability that works within the Ventoy framework for Secure Boot enabled. If the EFI version of SG2D is added to the ISOs for Ventoy, SG2D can be started and it will list EVERY compliant ISO contained in a BOOTISOS (or boot-isos) folder anywhere on any USB/SSD/HDD/SDcards that the PCs has and list them for user selection to boot. I have tested this workaround for all PUPs ISOs generated this year as well as Ubuntu derivatives ISOs. On my PC I have over 40 ISOs that are compliant in the HDD's "boot-isos" folder and SG2D found them as well as the one in the boot-isos folder of Ventoy. 

Its a nice addition to working with VENTOY. BUT REMEMBER, SG2D will ONLY list compliant ISOs that have a loopback.cfg for booting.

Hope this is mere helpful info for others that would benefit in running non-secure boot ISOs on a PC with Secure Boot enabled.