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Full Version: AlexBryansk VENTOY MODE 1.0.89
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[b]Hi AlexBryansk, When do you have ventoy mod 1.0.89? Please share with me, thank you very much.[/b]
I will try in the evening (local time Smile) to send mod_Ventoy_1.0.89 to your email. This version already exists, but it probably won't be posted on the forum. And there will be the next one.

I started to redo VentoyPlugson. I add my own parameters to it so that you can set the ventoy file.json for my mod. Because of this, I change the names of some parameters.. Was "menu_mytheme", will become "menu_Multi_theme"; "themes" - "List_theme_dir" and so on. Working ventoy.I will send the json. Srinshots too. And along the way I change Chinese to Russian.
Thank you very much,AlexBryansk