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Full Version: Show normal or uefi boot type on boot screen
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Show normal or uefi boot type on ventoy boot screen
Ventoy already displays UEFI or BIOS in version string.

but not UEFI64 or UEFI32 or MIPS etc.

3. How to determine the current boot mode ?
After boot into the Ventoy main menu, pay attention to the lower left corner of the screen:

1.0.84 BIOS ===> This means current is Legacy BIOS mode.
1.0.84 UEFI ===> This means current is UEFI mode.
1.0.84 IA32 ===> This means current is 32bit UEFI mode.
1.0.84 AA64 ===> This means current is ARM64 UEFI mode.
1.0.84 MIPS ===> This means current is MIPS64EL UEFI mode.