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Full Version: F4:LocalBoot > Boot from a specific partition
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Hello everyone !

I have three partitions on my disk with different operating systems.
If I mark any of them active, the corresponding OS is loaded.
Sometimes I use Boot-US or mark the desired partition active through the partition manager - but it's a long time and not beautiful, agree.
I would like to see similar functionality in Ventoy !

I.e. In the F4:LocalBoot menu, create Boot from a specific partition, which will contain a list of disks and partitions, as in the F2:Browser menu.
When a partition is selected, the OS contained in it is searched for and booted.
Is it possible ?

All the best !
And one more request.

Some images do not like Ventoy and he boots the OS from the disk.

Was that the plan ? I'd rather go back to the menu or reboot.