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Full Version: Changing boot options based on certain choices
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I'm working on building some custom tools built around wiping data and installing Windows 10 on laptops. Thankfully Ventoy has made this totally possible in an "All on one USB stick" method, but I am hoping to make the operation of the tool a bit more user-proof.

For information, here is my order of events:
1. Boot the laptop to the Ventoy drive.
2. Select to boot to a Linux Mint iso (we are just using the live disk environment at the moment)
    Ventoy handily injects script files we need to record information about the device, collect serial numbers, wipe SATA drives etc etc.
3. Reboot the computer to the Ventoy drive
4. Select to boot Windows 10 with an automated install.

I'm hoping there is a way that I can automate the movement between steps 2 and 4 above.

As in, I want to tell Ventoy to only boot to a certain option after I perform a task inside of the Linux Live Disk.

Initially, I was thinking I could edit the ventoy.json file from inside the live disk to adjust the available boot options and auto selection/timeout options (i.e. making Windows.iso select automatically after 1 second) however, trying to mount the Ventoy partition while inside the live disk has proven problematic.

Is there any recommendations about how I might be able to accomplish telling Ventoy to boot to certain .iso files based on various conditions?
By default, the Ventoy partition can not be mounted after you boot into the Linux Mint Live environment.
So you can not edit ventoy.json in that partition.

But there is an experimental option VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT in global control plugin (by default this option is 0), set it to 1 then you can mount the Ventoy partition after you boot into Linux Mint Live environment and so you can edit ventoy.json.