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Full Version: debian 11
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have you been able to get persistence in ventoy with debian 11 ? and how ? Thank you

has podido conseguir persistencia en ventoy con debian 11 ? y como ? gracias
Do you mean you can get persistence working with other debian versions?
What persistence file are you using?
i have not persistence with debian and ventoy yet, do you know is posible ?
You need the correct .dat file and you need to configure the \ventoy\ventoy.json file.
Instructions are on the site:
I suggest you download the .dat zip file
and extract the correct one for debian
e.g. one ending in persistence.dat - such as persistence_ext4_512MB_persistence.dat

When you configure the ventoy.json file correctly, you select the ISO and Ventoy will prompt you to select the .dat file for persistence.

If you still have problems, post the ventoy.json file here + pictures.