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Full Version: BIOS requirement of Ventoy
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I am trying to boot an old HP dc7700 withj a Ventoy stick without success (screen remains black) 
(F10->System BIOS and Setup Utility, copyright 1982-2006)

Is this PC too old to boout from for Ventoy?

Thank you!


others/modern PCs can be booted from this stick
Some older BiOSes have the following restriction... below is the olny limitation I ran into.
Make sure you have the latest BIOS.
Disable secure boot and UEFI boot if those options exist
In Boot order, set USB drive as first boot device and enabled (it may say USB FDD)
Save settings and reboot back to BIOS Setup
Now look for a Boot Order option for USB HDD  (must be HDD not FDD) save with USB HDD as boot device and reboot.