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Full Version: Is it impossible to share a drive with Windows 10?
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I have a laptop, (some kind of HP Notebook), with Windows 10 and a SSD-hard drive with the total capacity about 250 Gigabyte. After a lot of "work" I managed to shrink the partition C from Windows 10 and I could then create a new partition on the same drive. I made the second partition as a 19 Gigabyte NTFS, and as I expected it is called D: . My plan was to use this second partition for Ventoy and I would like to keep Windows "unharmed".  My hope was, if I first create this second partition from Windows it would be easy to know where I am installing Ventoy and bee sure I don't harm Windows.
When I ran Ventoy2Disk I discovered that I could not select only D:
 I was sad to see, the only possible option was to select booth C: and D: so I did not dare to continue, because i was afraid to harm Windows. On an older computer I managed to install Ventoy on a secondary hard drive (that computer had some room underside dedicated to add an SATA-drive), and it worked great. I could use it for Live-sessions with Xubuntu (using boot override) and I was still able to use Windows when I needed.

My newer computer have no place for a second harddrive. Is it impossible to install Ventoy on the same drive as Windows and keep the opportunity to use Windows sometimes? 
 ( i live in Sweden, and there could bee errors in spelling, I am not very good at speaking English but guess what?, my first Computer was the "Commodore Amiga 500" and it was never sold with any OS with Swedish support, so you can say I have no problems to use (or read) systems in English, but the people I meet everyday often only speach Swedish so I am not very fast or good at find the perfect word). Thankyou / Thanks to anyone who have an advice , or an answer to my question about the "single hard drive problem".
Kind regards from a micro-computer user in Sweden.
Ventoy was designed most for USB stick.
So Ventoy need a separate physical disk to install and you can not install Ventoy to a partition.
Since you have only one physical disk in your computer, so you can not install Ventoy on it.(When intall Ventoy will delete all the partitions in the physical disk, so your Windows will be cleaned)