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Full Version: Non-fatal error booting some ISOs
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I got new hardware -- a Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p -- and while booting Ubuntu, Mint and Q4OS ISOs I've been facing the following error:

[FIRMWARE BUG] TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to errata
Please update microcode to version: 0x22

According to, this is an update issue -- but it doesn't show itself if Mint, for example, is installed to local disk, so I am left wondering if it is somehow related to Ventoy.

Another similar error I saw occasionally is this:

ACPI [FIRMWARE BUG] BIOS _OSI(**) query ignored

A comment at says this is just a report -- perhaps related to the my de-activation of some BIOS features -- but then again it didn't show when Mint was directly installed.

Oh, and I forgot to tell I tested those ISOs under Ventoy v1.0.70, 1.0.32 and 1.0.24 with similar results...
Write the same ISO file to the same USB with Rufus and test on the same machine.
If it also shows these messages, then it is not Ventoy issue.
Sorry, I'm unable to do that right away -- this is a 64GB pendrive with a somewhat complex structure and plenty of info in it.

Will try the procedure with another drive ASAP.