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Full Version: Bug: pcloud drive is listed together with usb drive
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I think there is a bug. 
I use pCloud and the pcloud tool mounts the cloud storage as removable media P:

When I connect now an USB device it is mounted e.g. with H:

When I start now Ventoy it lists my USB device, but with drive letter combination "H: P:" and when I click on "install" it removes also the pcloud drive. After restart the pcloud drive is again available (and luckily not formated) but I think Ventoy should not "combine" both drives and remove P: during installation/formatting of H:, right?

When I connect a second USB device it is listed separetely.
Please upload the log.txt for check.
Attached the log-file
(02-08-2022, 01:28 AM)longpanda Wrote: [ -> ]Please upload the log.txt for check.

Did you have time to check the log file?
Any news about this topic? Still an issue - seems only to be a cosmetic topic, but feels unsafe.
I need to install pCloud in my computer to test it. I don't want to install pcloude in my working computer now, and in a few days later, I will have a new computer then I will test on it.
Any news? Smile