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How to use it ?

download and extract the file to the corresponding venoy partition

I used Medicat_USB_21.06 and Ventoy.

1) My Windows 10 VHD ==> Work Fine
2) My Windows 11 VHD build by me ==> Don't work
3) Windows 11 of Jayro (Creator of Medicat USB 21.06) ==> Work Fine

Thanks for Help.
"My Windows 11 VHD build by me" booting directly from windows bcd works fine?

What Software do you use for building "Window 11 VHD" and What Windows 11 (.Iso) do you use.

(12-16-2021, 06:49 AM)haiphong Wrote: [ -> ]Hello,

What Software do you use for building "Window 11 VHD".

winntsetup new version
And What Windows 11 (.Iso) do you use ?


I can't Download with your link.

Is my WinNTSetup_v425_WinXP_Supported ScreenShot good :

Can you post your WinSetUp screenShot, because I don't understand to use it.


This is my ScreenShots :

ScreenShot 1 :

ScreenShot 2 :

ScreenShot 3 :

I have a blue Screen.

Is my Screenshots OK ?

I don't understand !!!!!

Can you Upload your Windows 11 (.VHD), but in English, not in Vietnamese, because I don't know this linguage.

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